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Fridge cracked inside

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I've got a 5 year old Frigidaire Fridge that recently developed a 2" long crack inside of the "liner". I think it happened by itself last time we let the fridge get to room temperature when we were doing a cleaning, either that or someone smacked the side and isn't fessing up.

1) Is it anything to worry about or is it just cosmetic?

2) Can I simply caulk over it or get one of those fridge tape patch kits?
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If you are not worried about the appearance I would use duct tape. Not the handyman's secret weapon - gray duck tape but the metal foil tape used on furnace and A/C ducts. Buy the type that can be used outdoors and I don't think you will have a problem.

If I leave it, will anything happen?
You might get moisture on the insulation that could develop mold and maybe efficiency will drop just a bit from increased air infiltration.
you better ask for refrigerator mechanics,if it doesn't freeze maybe the freon got affected.
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