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freshly deck stain, how long to wait before restain?

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Hi all.
A little back ground of my deck, Deckscape waterborne wood toner used every year for 5 years, product is no longer available.
So i pressure washed and sand the deck surface to bare wood.
Decide to switch product to SuperDeck oil base transperant cedar tone, big mistake, it is blotchy, the grain would not take the stain -> unfinish color, the nots took too much stain -> very dark/black, the remain of the boards -> ugly yellowish cedar tone, wife is not happy at all and i am not blaming her.
My arms still sore after all the sanding/cleaning, not a fans of chemical stripping/cleaning.
My question is, how long should i wait to stain it with SuperDeck oil base semi-transparent if i elected to let the deck sat/weather?
Welcome any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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