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Fresh Salmon

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Thought there was a recent mention of a salmon dish but could not find it, just wanted to say thank you as it lit up my taste buds and fresh Salmon is on sale this week. Big fillets so took just half of one just under 3 bounds, $18.00.

Filleted off the skin and cut into 3 equal pieces, packaged 2 for the freezer and tossed the third into the frying pan with some butter. I was and will be interested in a fancier cooking method, but salt, pepper, and onion chips and this was the best salmon I have had in a long time, so tender.

So, if anyone can point me to the thread I think I remember I will consider a different cooking method for the other pieces. I might also sneak back to that store for more Salmon

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Well there is a way I've done with sauce. I know the chef but can't find the recipe. Here is another by the same chef. I haven't tried it. Roasted Salmon with Red Pepper Almond Sauce (Romesco).
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