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Fresh air intake

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Need a few opinion on installing a fresh air intake for my a new furnace install.House is 850 sq ft has a new ducane 92 % furnace and new duct work,contemplating installing a fresh air intake for the furnace .What are the pros and cons of installing one.House will be freshly insulated and has newer replacement windows and new steel doors installed,I am going to make sure all the small holes and gaps are sealed before drywall goes up.Just looking for a few opinions please.
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hi there ,, i have this type on my furnce ,, being in trade helps ,,i have a inulated duct on my return air leading to outside i have a damper and switch i can open an close it to any postion works very well .. make sure you have a good damper seal ..for colder climates and ya it work wonders for me , dont put around cars and such
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