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French door mortice locks

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I bought a set of French doors at a rebuilder supply without the hardware thinking I could to the home supply stores and get what I needed. Now I cannot find it.

The door are morticed, inswing left hand and I am trying to find out who made them originally so I can buy the right kit. The glass has what looks like the milgard logo and a date of 1975. Milgard says they did not make French doors in 75, now I am at a loss. They are framed in and I cannot secure them.
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That thought crossed my mind but with what... bondo, the morticed part seems like it would be hard to replace with a wood block.
thanks that looks like it could work. my challenge has been the door with the lock set side used to have a 9" mortice cover plate on the door edge and a large striker. I will check that part number out for options. :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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