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French door mortice locks

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I bought a set of French doors at a rebuilder supply without the hardware thinking I could to the home supply stores and get what I needed. Now I cannot find it.

The door are morticed, inswing left hand and I am trying to find out who made them originally so I can buy the right kit. The glass has what looks like the milgard logo and a date of 1975. Milgard says they did not make French doors in 75, now I am at a loss. They are framed in and I cannot secure them.
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If you end up not being able to find the hardware, you could fill in the mortise and re-drill for a stock cylindrical lockset.

Might end up saving you some $$ too.

Just my 2c.. Sorry, but I've got no idea on locating the original hardware.
you could redrill the door for a cylindrical entry lock and mount it in a Kwikset 215 modernization kit. Link below. That would close and cover all of the holes.
Ooh, good call. I didn't even know that those existed. :thumbup:

BTW - I'd get as good a fit as possible with the wood block, fill in around the edge with bondo (or similar), and sand like crazy. Then use hardware with large escutcheons to cover any old holes or whatnot on the sides, if needed.

But the retrofit kit seems muuch easier.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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