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French door adjustment

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We recently purchased a home with two Jeld-Wen French doors, but neither seals well. After doing some investigation, I found a problem I'm not sure how to resolve. This pins in the astragal for the fixed door do not position the door far enough into the frame to seal the door. And thus, the swinging door does not seal properly as well because it latches into the stationary door. I see no adjustment for the pins or any way to pull the door tighter into the jamb. What options do I have. Both doors have the same issue, being on the west side of the house these are major air leaks.

It was suggested I surface mount lock bolts on the top and bottom, but I really would like to keep the repair invisible; but I will do this as a last resort.

No pictures as its a lake house 100 mile from here and I never remember to get them. Sorry...
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