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Freezer running but not cool at all

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I have a 10 year old Frigidaire chest freezer that doesn't cool. I turned it on recently after it being off for about 6 years. Worked fine before it was turned off.
Turning the temp dial from OFF, I can hear the click, hum and gurgling but doesn't get cool at all.

It was moved from the basement to the garage before turning it back on. Not sure if this could cause a problem.

Could the move cause a problem? Any idea what the problem is?
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Did you lay it on a side when you moved it?

Some models are specifically sensitive to being moved in a specific orientation.

Most times, you can leave it unplugged for a day in its upright orientation and the compressor oil will drain back where it needs to be and it will start working again.

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Thanks for the response.

I wasn't there when the freezer was moved but it had to get pretty vertical to get up the basement stairs. The freezer has been sitting for about of a month now so I imagine if that was the problem, it would have resolved itself.

Any other ideas?
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