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freezer outlet/lights issue

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I'm doing some renos in my basement and ran into an interesting (to me) problem.
My freezer has an extension cord running to it from an outlet in the hall and I don't like that.
I decided to put an outlet closer to the freezer in a box that was already on the wall next to the furnace.
There is wiring from the breaker panel going straight to that box where it connects to wiring going upstairs to my jetted tub. It looks like the box is just used where they joined the wires together rather than running wires all the way from the breaker panel to the tub.
There is a circuit breaker in the panel that's labeled "tub jets". When I turn it off the jets dont work.
In the box there is a black wire and a white wire from the breaker panel connected to black and white wires going to the tub. The box is also grounded through the green wire.
I figured it would be easy to just install an outlet in the box so I did that.
I disconnected the wires where they were twisted together and hooked them up to the outlet. Black wires on the right side, white on the left, ground to the ground terminal.
Now when I plug the freezer into the outlet it turns on but so do the lights in my downstairs bathroom, but not quite at full brightness. When I turn on the light switch in the downstairs bathroom the lights go to full brightness.
When I shut off the breaker for the tub jets upstairs the lights in the downstairs bathroom still work by the switch so to me that again proves they are on a completely different circuit.
What am I doing wrong?
Could there be counter EMF from the freezer compressor motor powering up the downstairs bathroom lights through the breaker panel?
What do I do to fix this?
Thanks in advance.