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Currently my fraternity house basement has tile floors that when wet are very slippery and dangerous. Last year a contractor coated the floor with an epoxy to add grip to the floor, but this lasted only a few months and is almost completely ripped up now from wear and tear.

We are looking at possibly installing rubber flooring mats above the tiles to add a short term solution.

Does anyone have any other suggestions within a reasonable budget?
Also does anyone have experience with rubber floor? The mats we are looking at are 1/4" x 4' x however long you need them cut. We are deciding whether to use and adhesive with the mats or just double sided carpeting tape. We would use a sealant between the rubber mats as well.

We need something easy to clean that can withstand tons of foot traffic and liquids without being slippery. A big problem in our basement is the growth of mold and bacteria which could potentially be a problem if beer is absorbed into the rubber or seeps underneath.

You might consider putting a dehumidifier down there. That would cut down on the moisture.
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