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I am about to start installing the interior of my sauna. I have 11/16s T&G clear cedar for the lining, which will be installed over a well insualated wall with a foil liner.

The problem I have is I did not frame the interior with corners in mind. THe sauna is 5x7 Along the 5 foot walls there are corner studs to secure the ends of the cedar lining. There is no corner stud on the 7 foot side.

Being the inside to outside temps might be as much as 220 degrees I am concerned not having the corners nailed off will cause some bowing or warping.

When it gets light out I will get some photos. I was thinking of adding a 3/4 x 1" blocks along the corners to catch the ends of the 7 foot wall.

Do I need to be concerned about the corners? Is there a better way to create a nailing location?
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