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Good Framing Nailer

I picked up a Northern Tool framing nailer for $99 recently. It's normally $159 and even at that price it's a steal compared to most other name brands.

I have to admit I had low expectations but it preformed extremely well through the 4,000 nails it took to build a living area in our barn. I had two minor jams both of which I think were caused by my accidental double-tapping on top of the first nail. No issues with the nailer at all.

It shoots full or clipped head nails of multiple angles but I found it works really well with 21 degree full head Hitachi's.

Some reviewers on the NT website think it's a rebadged Senco but I'm not so sure.

It is definitely worth a look, I was very pleased.

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I googled Senco SN901XP reviews and although a number of hits came up; I did not find one customer review on the gun.

I thought this was very odd indeed. :huh:
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