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Framing in a Breezeway/Carport for Master Bed

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Hi All,
Only posted here a couple times and it was a huge help. The basement is done and we LOVE thanks for answering my (and others that I read) questions.

Now: We have a ranch home that was built in '52. Between the house and the garage there is a breezeway that is completely wasted on us (well, actually, we keep our recycling bins there so....). My wife and I are looking to start a family in another year or so and would like another bedroom in the house and this is the natural (and less expensive option) place for it to be. My question, I guess, is the preparation of the space for framing/structural aspects of the job and the actual framing, itself.

If looking from the front of the house, the space is 11' wide by 25' deep. There is a concrete slab in there now that rises above the ground by about 5' at the highest point (not sure how deep it goes down). It is in relatively good shape besides a crack that runs from the garage to the house, right in the middle of it. Our house is on a foundation that rises out of the ground probably about 1' but with the joists inside and hardwood flooring, the floor inside the house is about another 6" higher. The garage floor is the same level as the concrete slab in the breezeway and has concrete blocks all around it (2 blocks high) that the studs for the walls sit on. Just about where that crack is in the floor, is a crack that is in those blocks too.

Luckily, my father-in-law is very handy. He's done a ton of work on this houses over the years (additions, kitchens, etc.). Another stroke of luck is that his best friend is retiring next month, owned his own construction business, and wants to do projects to keep himself busy while only working a few days a week (and picking up some extra cash). They've both said they are going to help with this addition but I want some outside opinions on it.

I assume (and they've agreed) that we would run joists from the house to the garage for the floor. The FIL said 2x8's, but I'd rather be safe and go 2x10's (or even 12's). Opinions? Do we need footers to span this 11' feet? I would think it couldn't hurt to provide more of that stability. I've been in additions and on decks that feel bouncy...don't want that. The space will hold the bedroom, master bath, and probably the washer and dryer in a closet in the bath.

Do we need to repair the crack in the concrete? What about the one in the cinder blocks?

Thanks for your help!
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Post some pictures.
Go back and add your location to your profile.

Before doing anything I would have a chat with the building dept. zoning, health dept. about this idea.
Question, why would you be asking here when you have all those people avalible that can come on site to look it over?
Here's some pictures of the space.



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More Pics

More pictures of the project


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Hi Joe,
Got some pictures uploaded for you. We're in Northern PA.

As far as why am I posting here, as I said, I just wanted some outside opinions. This is our first house and I just want to be sure since we'll be spending some substantial (to us, at least) money on this.

We had a couple of contractors come over (before we knew our family friend was retiring) and they all thought it was a good location for it (meaning more cost-effective than a real addition with foundation, etc.) but didn't give me all of their specifics for the job.

We have always had brainstorming sessions in class and at my job where we can all voice opinions and suggestions and nothing is too dumb to ask. Getting opinions out in the open so we can contemplate then and think them through, seems to me, to be a good idea.
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one item to be sure of, you typically cannot have a door from the garage that leads into a sleeping room.

you also must have at least one Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening in a sleeping room. see this link for requirements

what are the current size of joists for your home?

Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that about the door but we had already planned on moving the door to the back of the garage anyway. We're also (just to clarify) making the floor of the addition the same level as the floor in the house.

Ill check on joist size in the basement as soon as I get home.
Oh and we'll have the door from the house to the bedroom and two large windows in the back for egress.

I just measured the joists that are in the actual house and they appear to be 2 by 9.
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