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Framing for new Exterior Door with Transom

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Hi all,

I am working through construction documents for a new wood frame town home and am currently working on exterior details.
I have an 8'-0" X 3'-6" custom door with a 1'-6" high fixed transom window above the door: this is a non-load bearing wall, and I would like to make the header as minimal as possible. Given this is a non-loading bearing wall (entry door) couldn't I flat stack two 2x4s for the header?
I dont have the room for two 2x6s.
What are your thoughts?

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I'm pretty sure any plan examiner will automatically call for a header over your door/window. Then you would need an engineers stamped drawing to satisfy them that something else will work.

Is this on a gable end? A doubled up roof truss assembly over that wall may do it.
Change the I joists over the doorway to LVL's and you'll get something strong.
I joists are only 1/2" OSB and are not really strong for major loads. Good for floors though.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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