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I'm building a bedroom addition to an old cabin.
Got a deal on a nice 5' x 6' high window with 5 panes: 2 inward opening ones on either side of a large top to bottom one and 2 smaller ones above the opening ones.

It will go in an 8' wall.

It has no frame.

1. How high should I put the window?
2. Any special framing considerations?

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Two means of egress is required for a bedroom. (Emergency escape) One is the door to the house, other exterior door or window.

The window has to be: 1. 44" maximum above finished floor;

2. 5.7square feet minimum clear opening;

3. Minimum 20" width & minimum 24" height (clear opening);

4. No windows closer than 3' to power line;

5. Req'd glazed openings must open to street, yard or court on same lot. Be safe, G
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