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We're still in the process of having a home built and I've got a question regarding the framing of a door.

The builder incorrectly framed a double-door opening such that it was too high. The problem wasn't discovered by the builder until after the drywall was already put into place. Rather than tear out the drywall and re-frame the opening, the builder decided to drop the opening by installing a piece of wood across the door in the manner shown in the attached jpg file (see framing colored in blue) and then putting a piece of drywall over the extended opening.

Question: Is this an acceptable method to correct the size of the frame? And secondly, should I expect to see any problems surface later (such as drywall cracks developing in the patched up area)?

Note that I'm showing a picture for a single door, but the opening in question is actually for a double door.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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prince is right. as long as the framing doesnt move its fine. this is done all the time in remodel situations where existing openings are changed. provided its not structural.. if its structural local codes must be followed
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