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framing a porch off of garage help please

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I am in the process of building a 24' x24' garage that has truss which will give me a 4-12 pitch. I am using 10ft studs so it will be more uniform with the house and I want to come off the front with a porch but I want to keep the porch at the same angle as the roof. How far can I come out with the porch or how can I figure this out??? Thanks
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It would help if you stated the roof design and which side the other roof was on. Also how deep the porch will be.
"I am using 10ft studs so it will be more uniform with the house." Hmmm, are you meaning you are using 10 ft. studs to frame the walls of the garage? That's fine, actually that's how I built mine, more headroom. As far as coming off the front and keeping the same angle as the roof, are you meaning coming off of the front of the garage with the porch and keeping the same angle? Can't be done. Think this way, if you had your roof completed and nailed a string at the top of the pitch, then pulled the string along the roof to the bottom at the top of your current fascia boards, then extended the string out on a horizontal line the length you would want the porch, do you see the change in pitch? Your garage roof will have two different pitches if you have two different lengths from the center of the FLOOR of the garage to the edges of the two different walls, the back wall of the garage and the front wall of the porch. Actually you could build a cantilever roof with support from the front wall of the garage and the porch. For aesthetic purposes you would not want to have the ridgeline of the roof offset from the center of the garage floor. Hope this helps, David
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Hopefully, it's a little porch. The garage is 10' up, every lineal foot away from it, you drop 4".

10' away, you drop 40"---10' x 4"= 40". Plus the fascia board. 8' x 4" = 32" lower than garage= 7'4".

Be safe, G
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