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Framing 2x4 vs. 2x6 for Dryer Duct

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I am framing my non-structural basement walls with 2x4s. The laundry room presents a challenge in that there's a 4" dryer duct that needs to be enclosed.

I see two options: (a) frame this particular section with 2x6s or (b) frame this particular section with 2x4s but leave enough of a gap between the plates and exterior wall to accommodate the 4" dryer duct.

Any other considerations I am missing? :vs_worry:
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Whole lot easier to use 2 X 6's.
You can also use a flat vent inside the 2 x 4 wall. Something like this:
however you decide to do it, keep in mind you will need to vacuum out the duct on a regular basis to keep it clean of lint buildup so you dont have a fire...I would stick with 4 inch ridged steel pipe behind any walls...
What type of dryer? How is it run? I think pics would help. I had a similar dilemma and just skipped the whole problem by getting a stackable washer/dryer and running the vent through the ceiling. Won't necessarily work for you, but seeing it might give some different ideas.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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