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Thanx for advice in advance ! I'm building a roof over trailer-home to improve insulation and snow runoff. If you've done such a project what do you recommend for best insulation and frame design to go with that? Basically I am doing concrete 'post holes' with steel post & welded saddle:beam along-side the trailer on posts and stick framed rafters on that, beams "tied" together with 2x4 purlins over trailer roof(possibly just above solid polyiso. insulation laid on existing roof).

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Aluminium roof pans (used on carports)

Aluminium beams. Big one anchored to center ridge, smaller ones (2 x 2) anchored to big one and trailer edge.

Pans shown here are apart, but in reality they are all interlocked on both sides... just the the sides (vertical edges) are cut down the ridge line allowing them to flop down on the other side, leaving the bottoms one continuious piece. It helps to have someone assist in lowering them.

The whole thing is simply screwed in place.
A 10" wide piece is run down the center for a cap.

All aluminium, all screwed. Of course, Styrofoam blocks (you can get them cut to a wedge shape) drop in between the "rafters".

If you need to go cheaper, I suppose the ridge beam and "rafters" could be made from 2 x's


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