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Foundation weep screed

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Can anyone provide a link on where to buy foundation weep screed. I'm installing eldorado
Stone vaneer and its on a wall with plywoof and a concrete foundation, therefore looking to install a weep screed for dampness condensation drainage.
Could not find any at local building suppliers and need help finding an online distrubtor
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This is who I deal with on a regular basis. Very knowledgeable & friendly, and will ship small quantities:
never heard it call'd that - tnx, jo,,, stocks it in 18" x 50' lengths,,, or call local pro supply house & ask for drainage mat/waffleboard/miradrain,,, 4' x 50' avg's $ 110 here
Foundation weep is not the same as a drainage map, although using both is best practice. You do not say where you are, so it is going to be tough to tell you where to buy weep screed, but in general it will be at stucco suppliers or drywall suppliers.

Here is foundation weep screed (also called FHA weep):
I find it strange that nobody seems to carry a weep screed product in my area, yet there is so much stone vaneer installed at grade in my area
I'm sure someone carries, or can order, the material, you just haven't found that "someone" yet. You could order the material from the link I supplied, as well as other's I'm sure, and have it arrive at your house within a few days.

You'd be surprised how much cultures and thin stone get's laid w/o a properly prepared back wall. Probably upwards of 90% of it, if not more.........
More like 99%. Adhered veneer is simply the finish coat of a traditional three-coat stucco system. Unless it is detailed for best practices of said system, it may fail. It is not tile, it is not dimensional veneer, it is adhered veneer, which has it's own standards and specifications.
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