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Foundation for PVC Shed

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I'm thinking about purchasing a US Leisure 10 x 8 resin shed from Home Depot. The shed comes with a floor which the panels are attached around the perimeter to build the shed. A foundation is not necessary (but recommended) as long as you have a flat surface.How important is it to install the resin shed on a foundation (rather than on the lawn) ? How important is it to install an anchoring kit? (I'm a new home owner on a tight budget, former apartment dweller who is new to diy home repairs/renovations)
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If you are located in an area subject to high wind, like tornadoes, strong thunderstorms, or hurricanes, you would do well to anchor the building firmly. This may require a foundation, or you could do possibly do it with anchors on the corner. Check with the building inspector, they may have some ideas. Light buildings that are not anchored are likely to blow for miles in a strong wind. On one of my hurricane inspection jobs, I found a similar building with identification indicating it had blown 30 miles. The amazing thing was it was still vaguely recognizable as a shed.

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I would pour a concrete foundation so you had something firm to which you can anchor the shed. I would put in concrete anchors and then bolt through a flat fasher and then the resin holes and pray for the best. Even then, given the quality of those things HD sells, I would not hold my breath and assume the shed would still be in place if you got hit by a major wind storm. The crap resin will snap right at the bolt.
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