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Foundation and footing cracks

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I bought a 5 year old home and right after moving in noticed about and inch of water in the crawlspace. I had gutters installed (there were none before), removed vegetation next to the foundation and fixed the grade around the foundation. This is near Reno which has a relatively dry and cold winter climate. The night I noticed the water there was about a foot of snow on the roof and backyard that was melted suddenly when snow turned to rain. Since I made the corrections there has been no further problems with water in the crawlspace after storms. My only concern is that I have noticed several hairline cracks in the footings. I have pulled away most of the insulation along the foundation walls and noticed hairline cracks there too (but just a few). No cracks are larger than 1/16" wide. The photo shows one of the widest on the footing. Is it normal to have these kind of cracks?


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no, they're not normal but not rare, either,,, idoubt they're the major source of the wtr, tho.
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