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Foundation and footing cracks

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I bought a 5 year old home and right after moving in noticed about and inch of water in the crawlspace. I had gutters installed (there were none before), removed vegetation next to the foundation and fixed the grade around the foundation. This is near Reno which has a relatively dry and cold winter climate. The night I noticed the water there was about a foot of snow on the roof and backyard that was melted suddenly when snow turned to rain. Since I made the corrections there has been no further problems with water in the crawlspace after storms. My only concern is that I have noticed several hairline cracks in the footings. I have pulled away most of the insulation along the foundation walls and noticed hairline cracks there too (but just a few). No cracks are larger than 1/16" wide. The photo shows one of the widest on the footing. Is it normal to have these kind of cracks?


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no, they're not normal but not rare, either,,, idoubt they're the major source of the wtr, tho.
So should I be concerned? What should I do about them if anything? Sorry, but I've never lived in a house with a foundation before and seeing water down there was trumatic:eek:. I realize the cracks weren't the pathway for the water. Most of the water came under the footings and some I saw seeping above the footings (whereever those little metal brackets were). Like I said, I think I have stopped the water problem. My concern is just the cracks I saw. Looking under the insulation, the foundation walls only have a few hairline cracks (I can see 3 on the exterior wall). Otherwise it looks smooth and solid. There are more harline cracks in the footings and I'm not sure how to differentiate between shrinkage and more serious kinds of cracks. Thanks.
Anyone else with answers? :whistling2:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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