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Found wiring. Is this code?

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Found this wiring in my house while doing some renovation. I live in Washington state and was wondering if this was code so that i can save a headache or 2 trying to rewire this in a lath and plaster wall. Please ask any and all questions


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Where does it start and where does it end? Can you find the other ends of the wires? It is old......very old cloth covered wires.
I can find the ends. Might involve cutting a whole in the wall. But I thought it was the cloth covered wire just needed verification. Not fun but rather fix it now rather than have it caught in a home inspection and cost me more. Thank you
Today’s code? Not likely. Legally it has to comply with the code that was in effect when it was installed. I don’t know where you are, but it likely predates the adoption of any code.
That is old Knob and tube wiring. It was code when it was installed. Since you have the wall open I would be replacing it all with proper modern cable.
Is there a place that had adopted a code before knob and tube wiring was installed?
I would probably be looking at the asbestos before I would be worrying about the ancient wiring...

Those are old knob and tube (K&T) transition heads. I can't tell from the pictures, but normally they are attached to the "newer" wire and then the leads extended and were soldered on the old K&T wire in the open. It looks like someone removed the old K&T and added "new" wire back in the day and just spliced them together.

As @joed stated, it should al be removed while you have it open and replace with new wire.

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I agree about replacing it.
Was there a code when that was installed? Prior to 1984 NY had a code that was more of a pamphlet than a code and no one enforced it. Before the 1960s there was nothing outside of maybe a couple of cities.
I would certainly be concerned about this and do what I have to in order to correct it properly. Some home owners insurance companies will not cover an electrical issue resulting from old knob and tube whether is was code back when it was installed or not. If you have an issue with this in the future your insurance company may deny the claim. I would do some research to be sure or just take care of it.
Since it sounds like it was buried I would suggest cutting it off at the source so it can be abandoned properly.
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