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forms for quickcrete

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I have made a sidewalk, and patio out of quickcrete and the forms that I bought several years ago... I live in an area that the ground does freeze, and we have plenty of rain in the spring, and fall... I need to know what to add to the grout/mortar in the sidewalk so when it freezes the walk wont be ruined. I can not put just sand in the joints, it will wash away.... ANY SUGGESTIONS would be welcome. :) the name of the forms that I used is walkmaker. :)
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From what I remember, the walkmaker concrete forms only allow for pouring a two inch thickness within the form? What is under what you poured and finished? If your walk is just floating on dirt, and you did not lay down gravel or sand as a base? Every time your soil heaves or even hiccups, you cannot fix it.

Not a solution to your problem but why would sand wash away? And would not any substructure of gravel, sand compacted dirt do the same if you are not retaining at least the bleeding edge?
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