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Format & Re-purpose Linux SSD

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A friend lent me a machine a few years ago. I mounted a new SSD in the chassis and loaded Linux on it (OpenSuse). My work is done now and I am returning his machine. I would like to remove my SSD and re-purpose it as a secondary storage drive in a Windows machine. Can I simply mount it in the Windows box, connect, and then "right mouse click > Format" from Windows Explorer? Or do I need to wipe it clean in the Linux box before dismounting? If the latter, how? (I'm not savvy as to how to format drives in Linux)
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I think you will be fine. I'm fairly sure I did that many years ago.

Go ahead and return the equipment. The worst that can happen is that you need to make a Linux boot USB later and if your BIOS supports 'boot from USB device' that is a fairly easy process.
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