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Format & Re-purpose Linux SSD

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A friend lent me a machine a few years ago. I mounted a new SSD in the chassis and loaded Linux on it (OpenSuse). My work is done now and I am returning his machine. I would like to remove my SSD and re-purpose it as a secondary storage drive in a Windows machine. Can I simply mount it in the Windows box, connect, and then "right mouse click > Format" from Windows Explorer? Or do I need to wipe it clean in the Linux box before dismounting? If the latter, how? (I'm not savvy as to how to format drives in Linux)
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You should be able to just connect it to a spare SATA port on your PC, with power. Boot up, go to Computer Management>Storage>Disk Management, and find the new SSD in the list (can probably figure out which is it via size). Should be able to format it from there and Windows should be able to see it then. (Assuming you're intending to just wipe it clean for use with Windows.)
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