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I respectfully request any and all help available! I got this deep freezer, it came with an foreign plug, I believe UK, and there was what I believe to be an inverter. The plug on the freezer was a female port and the inverter has two male plugs. I didn't get an answer as to wether the inverter was necessary for the freezer to run. I purchased an adapter for the inverter and plugged one end to the freezer the other end to the wall outlet. It seemed to run, but didn't get anywhere cold enough to freeze anything. Unfortunately most of the stuff is in Chinese, and I think the original setup for the freezer was for it to be mobile. I believe the original purpose for it was for selling ice cream out and about, perhaps that's where the inverter came in, attached to a batter or even solar panel. I was gifted it secondhand, so I really want to make it work, but not for the same price of an actual freezer. I attempted to splice the wires from the freezer to a male plug connector, and plugged it directly into the wall.... Tripped the circuit breaker... Do I just need another inverter? I took one class ages ago in community college on basic electronics, and I remember nothing. Also I'm wondering if I may have blown an internal fuse in the freezer itself.... Any help would be appreciated. Even if it's just an offer to purchase the freezer!


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