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For the licensed contractors out there ...

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I am doing a remodel that includes a bedroom turned into a bathroom .. permits were pulled with me as the owner/ will all be inspected.

I have hired plumbers and electricians to do the work, I am doing some of the framing and drywall as it is not that much...

My question is ..

Is it OK for my to start hanging drywall if I leave one side of the wall open so the inspector can see the plumbing and electrical that has been done? what about walls that have nothing inside them, can I cover these completely?

My plumber took some time off so I have some downtime with nothing to do and thought I could get a head start on the drywalls and soffits ...

Thansk for any feedback .. I understand eash inspector will be different but in general is this permissable.?
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Call the inspector and ask.
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I have done that along with taking pictures but I also have worked with the inspector for a lot of years and asked him if it would be OK. Go down and ask the inspector don't call him out unless it's ready.
Most inspectors will piss and moan if you "one side", but technically it is OK.

As far as covering walls with no electrical or plumbing inside them, is a framing inspection required on this job? I would only cover existing walls which may have had the older rock pulled off
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