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For my house. RhinoShield (and other ceramic based permanents) ?

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[MODERATORS----Please glance over my post here if possible. I believe I've kept it free from the "I like/hate this product" ban you have (I haven't used it), but if not, let me know and I'll gladly tailor it accordingly. I do *not* want to break any rules here. -Thomas]

Hi guys,

What is the current line of thinking regarding the lifetime warranty "paints" that are out there?

I've seen a couple buildings, and they're like a 12 mil thick coating and round out the edges and don't look *quite* 100% like paint, but certainly better than vinyl. And it's not exactly a flat look either. Something a little in between eggshell and satin IMO.

But I had RhinoShield of new england out here and their contract seems to have a number of ways to charge me later, regarding water permeability. And there's seems no real way to get their woodworkers to "sign off" on the house ahead of time so that it is truly a fixed price project with no surprises during the application. They charge $9.00 / lin. ft., but the whole arrangement seems open-ended to me.

I've already paid through the nose for open-ended "we'll see what we find" repairs for the entire house. I don't need another craftsman to look at it and go "uh uh.....we gotta replace all of this."

Any results and concerns out there? They want roughly $15k for my house which I'll soon pay $7k for primer+2 coats BM. 2400 sq. ft. house (though they called it 2700 sq. ft. house on the exterior, whatever that means.)

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Wow. I thought this would be one post to generate a lot of emotional response by now.
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