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Follow-up for tree removal, Maple/Pine/Bushes along property line

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Morning all... I finally had some trees and bushes taken down last week, the trees were a maple and pine and some smaller bushes, they ground up all of the stumps and left the chips. None of the bigger trees were near the house. My question is what should I do with the chips since I didn't have them removed. I don't plan on doing any major landscaping / grass work until next year (priorities with a new house, ha). I read (thanks to you all) that leaving them in place will take a while to settle, how much is a while (I'm in the Northeast), so I guess my options are
1) Leave them they are along the property line which a fence will ultimately be put up.
2) spread the chips over parts of the existing lawn to decompose
3) have landscapers deal with it next season.
My concern with #2 is when I go with the mower over the lawn the chips will cause issues w/ the lawn mower.

What are your all thoughts?
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Stumped chips take a very long time to break down. Also wood chips actually reduce soil fertility unlike bark mulch
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