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FMT wire install issue

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I have a really dumb DIY question.
I recently did my basement and before doing that I had the last minute Idea to run a 3 ft peice of FMT from my laundry room into the closet on the 1st floor.

This of course is now hidden under my drywall ceiling but is accessible on both ends in the laundry room and and in the wall on the first floor. I ran wire already but did not run enough. I did not think about this enough and only ran enough for 1 circuit and I want to add more.

Is there anyway to add more wire to FMT without cutting the ceiling and pulling it out.
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if you have access to both ends and you have room for the additional wire, I don't see why you would have a problem.

what kind and size of wire are you using and what size is the FMT?
Jim is correct.

Now, just to make sure, you do have a junction box on each end of this conduit, right?

and you did not say how many wires are already in the conduit and how many you want to add.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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