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i have a problem at night when my bedroom (or any room) window is on, bugs just keep constantlly keeps hitting it (flying into it). over and over.. its driving me crazy, lol..

What can i do to stop them?

anything from the homedepot/lowes type stores?

some look like the ones above in the pic, but some are much larger.

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Turn off the lights? :laughing:

Can you tack(y) up some screen material on the outside of the window frame? The bugs will bounce off the screen so you won't hear them.

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what's on the other side of the windows? large shrubs? other plants?

Maybe they're drawn en masse to that area becuase of the plants, and then drawn to the windows because of the lights?

treat the shrubs?

if there isn't anything substantial growing near the windows, I'm at a complete loss with what you can do.....
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