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I have an antique toilet that I have rebuilt that has a Tank Ball instead of a flapper (It's a rarity, a Case two piece from the 1940s. It's staying and I cannot put a flapper in it because of the design of the flush mechanism). It is in a bathroom that doesn't get used very often (less than once a month). The tank ball and flush valve seat were replaced six months ago.

The tank ball sticks in the flush valve seat and makes the toilet VERY hard to flush. IE you have to exert a lot of force on the lever to overcome the sticktion between the tank ball and flush valve seat.

Is there anything I can lubricate this seal with that will make it easier?

Should I just make sure to flush it once a day?

I'll take any suggestions. :thumbup:

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The tank ball may be the wrong size or shape for the seat, so too much of it protrudes down into the seat and sticks.

Tank balls inherently need more force from the lever to pull them up because they weigh more than flappers. Ideally the ball is supposed to be pushed upwards by the torrent of exiting water once pulled free of the seat but after the flush is completed, drop back down and be weighted down by the new water entering the tank.
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