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I'm curious who knows which manufacturers (if any) make an outdoor (Nema 3r) main breaker load center (NOT meter equipped) that is flush mounted, like the Murray JA2040B1200F. That Murray box is a meter+breaker+load center that has flush mount rails back far enough to land on framing and provide enough front cab protrusion to stucco/side up to the box cleanly.

I'm wiring my addition, and my neighbor's contractor is wiring their newly built house and I noticed them hanging the Murray box I mentioned above on the sidewall. The back of the box is screwed to the sheathing and they've furred around it with 2x4s to hit the "flush" rails so it's not really flush but the top/bottom entries & exits can be enclosed by chases.

I'd like to do that same thing but I'm completely striking out with searches for someone's main breaker load center (NOT a meter box) that's Nema3r/outdoor *and* has the flush rails around the backbox. I just ordered a Square D QO140M200RB as i mentioned in a previous thread about bottom-fed outdoor boxes...if there's a flush version/flush add-on rails/someone else's box altogether I'd like to make it happen if I can just find what I want.

Anybody have a part number for me? :)

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