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fluorescent light on a low voltage switching system?

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We just moved into a 1960s house with a GE low voltage switching system. The light switches are on/off rocker type. We are changing out some of the light fixtures, and want to install a light that runs on 2 21 watt T5 fluorescent rods. Is this type of electrical system compatible with fluorescent lights?
Thanks, Lu
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If you're just replacing an existing light fixture with a flouresent, it should be fine. The only major difference with the low voltage system is that the lights are controlled by relays in a box somewhere. Think of it like this:

All of the "light switches" (relays) are crammed together in a central box somewhere. The low-volt switches on the walls are like remote controls that "flip" the light switches for you. So on the actual light fixture side of things, there isn't much difference in the wiring compared to a regular line-voltage switching setup.
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