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Flowerbed Edging Advice-Give me some suggestions!

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Attached are a couple of pictures of a flowerbed that I have in the front of my house. It is next to a sidewalk that goes up to my front door. The edging that I have in the bed was put in to help keep the dirt and mulch off of the sidewalk.

The deal is, I'm tired of the edging that is in now and am looking for ideas to change it to. Do I need anything? Again I want something that looks good and keeps the dirt and mulch off the sidewalk. Ideas?


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If you want to retain the mulch and so forth from the sidewalk just about everything DIY is going to stand up above the sidewalk. You might look into the cost of the poured landscape borders. The company would give you a border that was flush with the sidewalk to start but sloped up and away from it to retain the bed contents. Border Magic is one such franchise but there are others. They offer a variety of colors and patterns.
I used pewter coloured brick next to my winding concrete path. The contrast looks really nice, plus its an easy diy
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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