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Thanks! Not worth it to replace the ballast.

Won't argue with that.

I'm working on a restaurant where we replaced all the 2X4 lay-ins. Most of them were not working and one of my guys asked if we were going to fix them and use them somewhere else.

I said lol "No, just put them out back and hopefully someone will 'steal' them"

Sure enough the next morning all 27 of them were gone:yes:

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I've run 277 volt ballasts on 240 occasionally.

The main problems here are they won't start in cold weather, the tubes don't last quite as long, and they might flicker for the first few minutes, until the tubes warm up.

I've also used a buck-boost transformer to get the voltage up to 264 or 272. This will solve the cold weather starting, and tube life problems, but it's sorta spendy.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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