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Florida Room Sagging

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I wanted to get a few opinions on a florida room that is sagging. Unfortunately I dont have any pictures to help explain better, but Ill do my best. Basically the homeowner had his florida room leaking for a few years. The roof was redone and whoever did it ran new 2x6's on top of the existing ones but didnt replace a rotted 4x4 column. Now the corner of the room is sagging to the point where you cannot open the slider door anymore. Im thinking that its only support is the walls and windows. The concrete is also cracked in the corner of the room from the weight.
The homeowner doesnt want to tear it down and rebuild it because of money issues, he just wants to put a bandaid on it. He does not care how it looks, as long as its functional. I was thinking about putting a microlam accross the back of the room and jacking it up and putting one 4x4 in each corner for support after I get it jacked up.
Does anybody have any other options that they would go with other than that? Also, With it being a florida room and all, there is no drywall, whats the most I can jack it up per day to let it settle?

Thanks, Tim
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Sounds like the GluLam and posts is as much work as the full repair. No drywall and the one corner post is rotting?

Any reason to not crib up the ceiling and remove the rotted post? Guess the exterior sheathing is a question.
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