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I have new kitchen cabinets installed - on a concrete slab with the finished floor yet to be installed. The base cabs were spaced up to accomodate for the height of the finished flooring.

Tile floor to go into the kitchen - my intension was to lay tile in the refigerator, stove, and dishwasher areas to have a consistant floor height so the appliances would fit properly.

However, it appears we may be running very close on tile material - with no more readily available.

  1. I can get the same tile but a somewhat differing color back under the appliances
  2. Put plywood there instead? If ok, what type of plywood - should be pressure treated due to being in direct contact with the concrete?
Or are there other options?


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Tile under all of it. If you are running out of tile, under the range and dishwasher, you can use a different tile of the same thickness. Possibly under the fridge as well. Nobody will be able to see it anyway. You won't have leveling issues with your appliances and you'll be able to slide them out for servicing or cleaning without having to lift them over a tile edge, plus it will keep your range up at counter height.
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