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Flooring Tile Help

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Hello all,
I am in the process of ripping up old ugly carpet in my home & replacing with porcelain tile (foyer, hall & dining room - @ 350 sq ft). I've had 4 contractors over to quote the job & am getting mixed answers. The sub-floor is cheap particle board (not plywood). 3 of the 4 contractors say we need to put down cement board first and 1 of the 4 says we need to use that wire mesh stuff under the tile. The 1 that suggest the mesh speaks very little English & came in with the cheapest quote....leaving me a little apprehensive. I have no idea what the best method is. Can anyone out there help?

Thanks much! Jessica
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Thanks for the reply Bud. Gives me more to think about. I didn't realize cement backer board was laid w/ morter. I thought it was glued & screwed to particle board (or whatever subfloor material), then the thinset is laid for the tile to adhere to. Guess I need to learn more before doing anything....

Thanks again
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