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Flooring Tile Help

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Hello all,
I am in the process of ripping up old ugly carpet in my home & replacing with porcelain tile (foyer, hall & dining room - @ 350 sq ft). I've had 4 contractors over to quote the job & am getting mixed answers. The sub-floor is cheap particle board (not plywood). 3 of the 4 contractors say we need to put down cement board first and 1 of the 4 says we need to use that wire mesh stuff under the tile. The 1 that suggest the mesh speaks very little English & came in with the cheapest quote....leaving me a little apprehensive. I have no idea what the best method is. Can anyone out there help?

Thanks much! Jessica
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The mere act of putting the thinset on particle board to attach the cement board COULD cause swelling/separation problems. Not my field of expertise, but I would say the particle board needs to be replaced with plywood unless there is some sort of "membrane" installed to prevent (guarantee) the particle board isn't exposed to moisture. As Bud stated, it doesn't take much to totally ruin your new floor. Water can seep in through the grout if it isn't sealed properly or a fair sized "spill"/accident near a wall where it can get under the baseboard and penetrate to the particle board. When in doubt, go to the mfgr.'s web site for the tile you are going to use. They will have an outline for the proper installation procedure and the proper substrate necessary to keep your warranty valid. I'm sure someone more knowlegeble (in the trade) will reply......
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Sorry, Bud. I meant someone more knowlegable than ME would answer as to the use of a membrane and whether that in fact would work. And you did....
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