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Flooring project help

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This is my first time posting here and was wondering if I was on the right track with my flooring project.
I live in Southern California and just bought a 1,200 square foot house that was built in 1954. The house has a raised foundation with diagonal plank sub flooring that sits on 2X8 joists that are spaced 16 inches on center.
The plan is to lay 3/4 inch OSB over the sub flooring to help level/strengthen the flooring before I install luxury vinyl planks over it. I'm planning on staggering the boards with 1/8 inch pace between them and screwing them down every 6 inches using 3 inch deck screws. The issue is, I keep getting conflicting information on wether or not to use tongue and groove sheets and wether or not to also use glue. Any pros and cons between using nails, ring shank nails, or screws?
If anyone was any insight on this or know any good sites with information or possible videos, could you please let me know?
Thanks in advance
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The new Advantech is not the subfloor and so it does not need to be t&g. However, all the high quality ¾" OSB I've seen in stores is "subfloor" grade and of course is t&g.

Ring-shank nails that are a bit longer than both layers. No glue. Gap ⅛" and prep per directions from the vinyl plank people.

Good time to double check the local specs for your crawl space.

Wookiejack said:
And normally you would run the boards perpendicular to the subfloor, but since mine consists of diagonal boards, it doesn't seem to matter.
I presume you're now referring to the new 4x8 ply/osb? If so, yes it does matter. The new underlayment always goes perpendicular to the joists.

Wookiejack said:
And I thought screws would be better than nails.
Nope, ring-shank it the best, but usually doesn't matter if you use long as they're not cheapo drywall screws.

Not sure exactly which ply you mean by CDX. Usually "CDX" is junk sheathing and not underlayment grade. Please post a link to the item you're considering.

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