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Flooring Problem

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Hi there,
I am in Japan for a few weeks helping my friend in her house.
One of her problems is her hallway floor. It is a kind of fake parquet flooring approximately 1.5 to 2.5cm thick (0.59" to 0.98")
(see attached Photos)
As you can see from the photos there is a hole in the floor 30cm by 25cm or 11.8" by 9.8"
Many Japanese houses are built of wood as is this one, and the house is built on concrete pillars and there is a 55cm or 21.6" hole under the floor down to the ground.
So we either need to fix that hole or re floor the whole hall. (Probably the best option is to re floor the whole hall for as you can see on 1 of the photos, the flooring is in poor condition and looks terrible!)
Please could you give me any advice on how I might go about doing this. I'm completely new to this sort of thing! Also please could you give different-flooring options / materials. Wood of course, but also other possibilities, I'm struggling to figure out how to fix the hole when there is no floor underneath! (For information: There is no access underneath the house so all the work will have to be done above the hole not below!)
Thank you for any help or input you can give me
kind regards Gin


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Are there structural members below outlining the opening?
Hi there SeniorSitizen,
Thank you for getting back to me.
outlining the opening? do you mean around the edge of the hole?

If so, then yes on 1 side only! (See photo 2 near side)

Also there are joists Aprox 40mm by 40mm (1.5") running 25cm (9.8") apart holding the floor up.

Kind Regards Gin
To provide a surface for repair patch, the joists will need to be scabbed onto until they extend out into the opening.

Whether to repair or replace the hall floor, sorry I can't help with that decision.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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