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Flooring Issue

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Okay Im a new homeowner and need advice. We just had around 1900 sq. ft of new Hardwood Bamboo floor and ceramic tile put down in our house. It has took the company over 3 weeks to get most of the floor done. They installed the quarter round the other day however did not angle it at all so it sticks out really bad, also they left holes all in the quarter round, isn't that supposed to be painted? Also the top of the quarter round is painted white but the ends are brown so now our quarter round is two colors? We paid this company over 20,000 and I was under the assumption that included everything. They are now telling us we have to hire a painted to take the quarter rounds off and paint them and fill in the holes? Just wondering if this sounds correct, I've never had floors installed so not sure how that works.
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Personally, I fill all holes, caulk and paint- touchup. This is not mentioned in my quote but I still add the estimated labor in my price. My thought is that leaving the trim unfinished takes away from the beauty of the floor. As far as the quarter round not being returned or bevelled...well...thats just laziness.

This is my favourite way to do the trim and customers love it...


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You need to post a picture of the square ends sticking out---

Filling holes and painting is the painters job--not the floor installer or trim guy.

Some will do it as part of the job----most will not. What did your contract say about painting?
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here are pictures


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Personally I don't like it when the baseboard comes out further than your casements. Looking at the pics I see no reason why they needed such a big corner round. I would have preferred the doorstop one (like canadaclub pics) but I guess that's water under bridge.

I think they should have told you that they would not fill any holes. That's good business.
Doesn't look like a $20,000 job to me. They sure made it look like Noobs were on the job. Maybe in that last picture they did the quarter round in such a way that the threshold will fit in there & make it look more finished. I know floor installers usually don't paint, but, really for the money spent, how long would it take to touch up the ends and fill in some nail holes?
In the picture on #4 post it looks like shoe mold installed laying down instead of standing up. I don't understand why they didn't cut the trim to make the corner instead of just chopping it off there. That is an incomplete job in my book.
I would not be happy with the job - at any price, much less $20k... :no:
They would have been better off leaving off the trim and telling you they did not do the trim work either.

However, a good trim guy can readily fix it.
thanks for all the advice.. we called the company and they are coming out today to rip up all the trim and redo it. I told them to either put down new quarter round the correct way or give us our money back so they are coming back to redo it, hopefully correctly this time.
I glad to hear they are coming back to fix it. Hopefully they will do a better job the 2nd time as the first go around was pretty pitiful and looks to me like pure laziness.
watch they dont do more damage pulling shoe mold
watch they dont do more damage pulling shoe mold
No-Kiddin'. I close my eyes and I see pry-bar marks all over the place.

Hopefully they will do a better job the 2nd time as the first go around was pretty pitiful and looks to me like pure laziness.
"Lazy" would be a compliment to these guys. What you see there is nothing more than a "Grab The Money and Run" job.:)
i agree. watch how they pull it up and make sure they dont leave those pry marks.
Update on Floors

So looks like we are going to make the company pull up all the floors, the floors have no started to make a loud popping and cracking noise and some of the planks are coming apart and it has only been installed for three days!


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