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Flooring adhesive question

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I am looking to install vinyl plank that requires glue/adhesive. I also have access to overage from a commercial wall panel installation (not my project) and I am wondering if I could use it in place of the adhesive that lumber liquidators carries for use with their 'glue required' vinyl plank. Do any of you have thoughts/advice on this? If it helps, the adhesive in question is Acrovyn®
Interiors Heavy Duty Water Based Mastic Adhesive.

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If maintaining the MFG warranty is a concern, probably better use the MFG's spec'd product.
The house needs to be sold soon, and I just want to determine if I am setting the eventual buyer up with problems. It has been my experience that any warranties do not transfer to a new owner. I would think that on one hand, gravity is a plus in horizontal installation, but you would also have friction/pressure issues that you don't get on a wall.
I should maybe also mention that the application is a small 'mud room' just inside the back door. Depending on the next owner's preference, it might not see a lot of traffic. (But if they prefer to enter and exit that door instead of the front, things will be different.)
Use something that the planking manufacturer recommends. They know what works with their product with its particular composition. There are tens of thousands of adhesives and they vary in how effective they are for particular types of materials without causing chemical damage to the material which could result in failure or staining or other problems. Why take the risk?
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