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Floor under retrofitted dishwasher

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I have retrofitted a dishwasher in my older home with oak cabinets.
I used a plywood to level the floor. And now the ugly plywood is flush with the ceramic. I thought that the dishwasher's bottom cover would have covered the plywood but I was very wrong. Any ideas of an easy fix. Only thing that I came up with was finishing the plywood best I could and staining it.

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Get a piece of oak ranch style baseboard---rip
it to the correct width---
miter both ends with little returns to hide the side openings---
glue it--
stain and finish and slip it over the ugly plywood.
Use silicone caulk---if you (when?) need to remove it slip a putty knife or painters tool between the trim and the floor-
--the silicone caulk will split and release the trim.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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