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Floor truss alteration.

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I'd like to lower the shower area by 2" to enable me to go curb less on the enclosure. If I remove the top plate of the floor truss and sandwich the remainder between 5/8" plywood staggered will I be ok structurally?
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Welcome to "DIY"!

The standard instructions concerning engineered, structural components -
(A floor truss would be in that category)
No alterations: unless signed off by an engineer.
I don't think you should do that!

Wait and see if you get some other responses.

Ayuh,.... With a gap in the top plate, ya don't have a truss anymore...
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no you can not. any alterations to a truss must be okay'd by the engineer who designed it. or have them design the modification required

the correct thing to do is to build up the surrounding floor in the room then create a slope to the drain with concrete,. it only has to be minimal

Welcome to the Forum! Don't think I need to repeat what has been said already ..... perfect advise
in some instances you can use conventioinal lumber that matches the dimension of the engineered joists.. you can notch them where the shower will be but they have to be doubled to maintain their strength.. check with an engineer first though
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