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floor slopes into room, should I use self leveling cement.

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Just put in new subfloor in my bathroom ( 142 year old victorian house) and it is sloping
into the room, I need to level it somehow as it looks like crap. I suggested to my DH
we use self leveling cement. He is not keen on the idea says it may spread to far
and damage the bathtub ( already installed). I said that would depend on how thick
the SL cement is. Also my subfloor is 1/2 inch bluboard over 1 1/2" pine t&g boards, is
it okay to lay SL cement over bluboard plywood. I am using Henry self leveling underlayment cement( it requires the use of its own primer).
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Tell your DH that the manufacturers already have this all figured out. In fact I think they tried it once themselves.

IF, you mix the SLC according to the directions it isn't going anywhere but where it should. It won't ruin anything either.

Somewhere around here there is some detailed information about using Self Levelling Compounds, now let's see...where is that information.:)

OH! Here it is:
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