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Floor prep

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HI! I just bout house and we wanted to put porcelan wood grain. The house has laminte floating floor in it now. I pull a few planks up of the existing floor and come to find the house use to have a glue down hardwood in it! Can i still use the procelan tile and how i prep floor with glue on it? I can't get up!!!!!:furious:
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Hi 1300,

No reason why you can't have tiles on that floor. First step; remove the hardwood. Tell us if you have a suspended wooden subfloor or if you're on a slab. If it's a wooden floor, tell us what you have as the subfloor and how the subfloor system is built starting with the joists' type and size, their spacing, and the unsupported span.

I can't get up!!!!!
Sure you can, but you have to try a little harder.

The house had originally a glue down hardwood floor. The previous owner pulled the glue down hardwood and replace it with a floating floor. I can pull the floating floor up with no problem. the problem is that old glue from previous floor is still on the concrete slab. I am not sure how to prep the slab with hard wood glue on it. Is there way to put lay over ther old glue or do i have remove the old hardwood glue from the slab? also how do i get the old glue off the floor?
People keep saying on a subfloor but i dont have a plywood subfloor i have concrete slab!!!!
Ok got it now. Which people asked about a subfloor? I must have missed your description of the subfloor in your first post then?

You're going to want to remove the old adhesive down to clean concrete. Not a fun job, and could be messy. Trying to use a modified thinset might work, but you're on your own.

Is there a solvent that can be used to help?
Don't use a solvent. It may keep the thinset from working.
Do you have much tiling experience?

When you mention wanting "porcelain wood grain" I'm picturing the long 24" or so tile that look like wood grain. If so, these can be a challenge even for someone who has done some tiling. Your floor will have to be perfectly flat (a slab ain't necessarily so).

You might want to research a tile leveling system that can give you a more professional job. There are several out there. Lash an Tuscan are two that come to mind. I believe there are others.
Im was planning on getting a professional to instal it. I am just trying to save some money by getting the glue off the slab. I realize that it may need to be floated or such. I have tried scrapping the glue, heat, and so its just not coming up. I asked the a guy that in stalls for lowes and he told me to prime and float the whole floor! i was thinking of laying durarock down and cover it, but its going to be very costly!
I bought a long handled 8" razor scraper from HD for my basement floors. It is amazing. Make sure you grab an extra blade per 20 sq ft of concrete.
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